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2012-11-30 10:46 pm


All are welcome to play. Costumers, co workers, FWB, platonic friendships, and even enemies. Please know my muse is unlikely to slip into a dating relationship with yours- [These characters are sexual beings so, I'm elaborating their canon.]

He might sleep with yours, he might talk to yours, but his love is O and Chon [and for the record, his best friend is indeed Chon. Brothers.] Any sort of romance besides your muse and Ben would take a very serious CR workup. Sex and love are two very different things for Ben- The heart has what it will ever need.

For Chon, I'd like to keep the relationship canon. Their relation is very defined in the books, something I really loved. [It would be easy to ship em!] There is true friendship, loyalty and respect between the two. I ask that it stay platonic. :)
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2012-07-02 07:30 pm

Leave a message;

Ben here, can't get to the phone. Leave me something, and I'll get back to you.